Workshop Retreats Performances

Infinite Souls is not a resort. It is a place for artists and other seekers to stay, collaborate, train and rehearse.

We offer workshops specially suited to your needs, be it kalaripayattu, yoga, konokol, Biomechanics, Iambic pentameter, Hindustani and Carnatic music or jazz improvization.

Our permanent programmes include:

  • Infinite Souls Summer Camps - music and theatre residencies for children
  • Guitar Gita - one-on-one guitar classes with Konarak Reddy
  •                                  - an international guitar festival
  • Comprehensive Theatre Lab Curriculum - Kirtana Kumar's theatre lab for young learners
  • bangaloreREsidency@infinitesouls
  • Training for drama exams - including                                          LAMDA and LAMDA
  • Training for music exams - including                                      , RCM and LSM