We have observed from experience that urban children, cut away from nature, benefit enormously from visiting our farm. The animals, the trees and being so close to nature, provides a hands-on experience of biology and environmental studies for toddlers right through to young adults. From practical work such as animal care and agriculture to sheer enjoyment of trekking, petting the animals and fish spa in the pond, there is something for all ages and abilities. Getting children out into the countryside has wider community benefits as well. Studies have shown that children grow in confidence, have better inter-personal and survival skills when exposed to farm life. 

Overall, a farm visit can:

  1. Provide an exciting and versatile outdoor classroom
  2. Support the curriculum  
  3. Contribute to developing children's social and personal skills
  4. Create interest and motivation that can be carried back to classroom activities
  5. Help children understand eco-systems and biodiversity
  6. Teach children in a direct, hands-on way about may important topics including nutrition, animal welfare, sustainability and conservation
  7. Provide much needed physical exercise and digital detox
  8. Raise awareness of alternative careers involving nature and animals
  9. Provide an opportunity for children to interact with people from diverse backgrounds
  10. Allow children to understand risk and how to manage it
  11. Provide teachers with an opportunity for professional development by gaining farming and rural knowledge, and experience of outdoor education

School to Farm, is a project spearheaded by Infinite Souls Artist Retreat Farm as a educational resource. School children along with their teachers get to visit Infinite Souls Farm and engage in a tailor made program for them. This will include learning about growing food and caring for animals.

Our nature resource person, Vineeth Mario Vincent, will interact with interested schools and design a programme specific to your curricular needs. Do contact us at 9845213857

‚ÄčImportance of Urban School Children Visiting a Farm