Konarak Reddy

lives at Infinite Souls.

Visitors may witness him in rehearsal.

Or take master classes with him, on appointment.

                World Guitar Nights

To create awareness around the guitar, Konarak Reddy initiated World Guitar Nights by hosting Peter Finger (Germany), Dylan Fowler (Wales), Claus Boesser-Ferrari (Germany) and Bob Bonastre (France) to perform in India every year from 2004 to 2009. In November 2009, he magnified World Guitar Nights and invited 3 guitarists with unique styles to Bangalore and Bombay for concerts and guitar clinics. They were Don Ross (Canada), Masa Sumide (Japan), Sandor Szabo (Hungary)
He has two independently produced albums – Searching for the Goddess and Solar Avatar. He is currently working on his third album.